Protect Your Company From Large Fines Using This EPCRA Compliance Checklist

eprca checklistIf your facility falls under Emergency Preparedness and Community Right-to-know Act (EPCRA) requirements, there’s more to do then just TRI reporting. Here’s a checklist to help you make sure you cover you bases with all the regulations.

Have the requirements handy

  • Do you have copies of the statute?
  • Do you have copies of the federal, state, or local regulations?

Does management know they need to be compliant?

  • Have you informed management of impending regulations?

Which personnel has which duties?

Have key personnel needed for program development and implementation been identified and notified?

  • Administration
  • Public Relations
  • Health and Safety
  • Production:
  • Environmental
  • Purchasing
  • Attorney

Has there been an informational meeting scheduled with all key personnel?

Informing/training personnel 

During the meeting, did you…

  • Distribute information on the regulations?
  • Give presentation on the law?
  • Discuss the impact of the law?
  • Establish the need for a unified implementation effort?

Did you discuss company policy relating to…

  • Emergency planning?
  • Extent of cooperation with local officials?
  • Chemical reporting?
  • Risk communication?
  • Trade secrets?

Misc. Tasks

Have you:

  • Developed a strategic compliance plan?
  • Incorporated growth plans (i.e., new processes, new facilities) into the plan?
  • Reviewed the existing site emergency response plan?
  • Notified state and local officials that you are covered by the law?
  • Developed a facility timetable for compliance?
  • Reviewed the program to ensure that it addresses the salient issues?
  • Submitted the program to key personnel for approval?
  • Assigned personnel and defined specific tasks to achieve compliance with each applicable requirement?
  • Have you identified the EPA contacts, the SERC, the LEPC, and the local fire chief?
  • Do you have an established relationship with state and local emergency response officials?
  • Have you named a facility emergency coordinator?
  • Has this person met with key EPCRA officials?
  • Have you developed a public relations program for the dissemination of chemical information to the community?
  • Have filing and documentation systems been devised to record all EPCRA compliance activities?

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