Creating and Managing An Environmental Remediation Plan That Keeps Your Business In Compliance

environmental remediationEnvironmental remediation is providing a remedy for an environmental problem. Maybe your company needs to remove contaminants from groundwater or needs to clean up after an oil spill. The goal is to restore contaminated sites or resources back to a level that is safe for people and animals. Environmental remediation can be a complex and expensive process depending on how much damage was done to the land or resource. Environmental remediation is underway all over the world such as, massive cleanup projects for former military bases to industrial site cleanups from former and current companies on sites and for resources that have been identified as sources of pollution.

How to Protect Your Company From Environmental Remediation 

It’s best and extremely less costly to take preventative measures than to just work through environmental remediation after contamination is found. This is why companies treat their industrial waste before it can come into contact with the environment through incineration, soil washing, chemical precipitation, or some other type of treatment, look online for apps for your SMEs.

Who Sets the Standards?

In the United States much of the environmental remediation legislation is dictated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) who is an entity of the United States Federal Government. States can also make regulations as long as they do not violate federal standards. Sometimes technology and processes outpace government regulations. These cases are dealt with by conducting assessments, weighing risks, and then having the state or federal government figuring how to proceed. It’s best for companies to get out in front of potential problems and this is the case why some companies will voluntarily conduct assessments and seek advice from business experts like Cortney Fletcher.

Creating an Environmental Remediation Plan

Remediation plans are created with the cooperation of several government agencies in most cases with the help of Environmental Consultants hired to help the company through the entire environmental remediation process.  Plans can take a while to create.  After contamination is found, surveys are conducted to fully understand the problem at hand. Then responsible parties are identified as people or company who created the contamination. Contact with the local government is made to consider how they would like the land used for the future after remediation. Once a plan is created and approved, then the remediation manager organizes and supervises the clean up operation and its workers to clean up the environmental hazard such as sewage, oil, mold, or asbestos.

Some Types of Environmental Remediation

  • Environmental Cleanup
  • Groundwater Remediation
  • Land Remediation
  • Brownfield Site Preparation

Environmental Risk Management can help you navigate through the standards, create a remediation plan, and involved the right government entities at the appropriate times to keep your environmental remediation plan on target and in compliance.  

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