Tips to Help Make Environmental Permitting for Air, Wastewater, Stormwater, and More a Bit Easier

approvedGetting environmental permits isn’t on everyone’s list of fun things to do, but with a little work you can make the process work better for all those involved. The following are tips on how to make the environmental permitting process easier for everyone involved.

Develop Good Relationships Your Regulators 

Regulators don’t want adversarial relationships with the people and companies they are regulating. They just want respect that they are doing the job they are tasked with. Regulators want a positive outcome and they are really there to make the process easier for you when possible. If you have a good relationship with a regulator, you can bounce new ideas off them about their interpretations so you can save yourself time and money later.

Submit Applications Early

Engineers often fail to submit the permit applications ahead of the project deadline and then expect regulators to be able to approve everything quickly. Regulators need time to cross check everything as well as research the history of the project site and more. If you force regulator to make a quick decision it will usually be no since won’t have the time to properly do their job. An early permit application will help the process run more smoothly.

Plan Ahead

No one likes a job being put on-hold. It’s bad for you, your company, and the regulator. To prevent work stoppages ask your regulator in advance what needs to be done to keep the permit active. Usually only reaching small milestones in a projects can keep a permit open. Basically be proactive to keep the permit open! Make sure as well to plan the equipment you’ll use for the project like dredging equipment, construction materials, etc.

Environmental Risk Management helps it’s clients submit environmental permit applications regularly and we know the best ways to create good working relationships with regulators. 

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