Mold Tips – Ways to Use Thermal Imaging to Prevent or Find Mold Problems

You can use thermal imaging to identify potential causes of water leaks and moisture intrusion. The high tech cameras capture pictures of heat instead of light. Using the images, you can find problem areas that are noticeable to the naked eye. Thermography can be used to detect areas with too little insulation or improperly installed insulation, as well as cold spots behind walls and such that can assist in helping mold to grow.

Infrared Scanning

Finding Areas With Improperly Installed Insulation

Thermal imaging detects hot/cold spots in walls where there is too little insulation, damaged insulation, or where insulation has been improperly installed. Eliminating the hot and cold spots are the way to stop mold from establishing.

Finding Cold Spots That Help Mold To Grow

Thermal imaging can not detect mold but can detect variations in temperatures behind walls, which assists in cold spots that can become potential moisture or water intrusion issues. Moisture meters are used after the hot and cold spots are found. The quicker you repair a moisture problem the better chance you have of it not producing mold. Knowing where you have the problems is half of the battle and it will save you greatly on repair dollars.

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