Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

Phase One Site AssessmentPhase II Environmental Site Assessments (impact studies) include more intrusive testing because their goal is actual contaminant qualification.

What The Phase Two Environmental Assessment Covers (a partial list)

  • Itemization of hazardous materials, including type, quantity, and storage method;
  • Evaluation of site waste management materials;
  • Identification of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) or possible PCB equipment;
  • Assessment of underground storage tanks and evaluation of tank conditions and management practices;
  • Inventory and assessment of possible asbestos-containing materials, including sampling and laboratory analysis; and
  • Sampling of soil and water for suspected contaminants.
  • A completed Phase II Site Investigation will supply vital information on site contamination, specific contaminated areas, and alternative remediation recommendations.

Who To Call

It is important to use a professional who meets the requirements necessary in performing the assessment. Often scientists from many different fields are needed to perform the assessment, so most states have a list of active registers able to properly perform site assessments. The assessor should have a current Engineer’s or Geologist’s license with at least three years experience, or have the equivalent of ten years full time experience. If you are the new owner of a property, or even if property was simply transferred into your name, protecting yourself from potential environmental lawsuits is a smart business decision.

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