EPA InspectionIf a state or federal environmental agency came to your facilities today, would you be ready? If the answer is no, then you need to prepare yourself quickly. Environmental regulations are complex and reach far in to most operations. Even the most knowledgeable and dedicated environmental manager will get nervous about the thought of on an agency inspection.  

Tips On How to Prepare for an Inspection 

  1. Know and Understand the laws and regulations – Make it a regular task to look for rule changes that could impact compliance.  Make sure to change your processes and activities to manage rule changes.
  2. Review Previous Inspection Reports to Help Prepare for Future Inspections –  Make sure the problem areas have been addressed and the documentation submitted.
  3. Audit Your Facility – Basically inspect yourself and have these audits consistently enough that questions about the most common business problems do not go unanswered.  Keep records for these internal inspections.
  4. Keep Your Records Up to Date – It’s essential to document your compliance and show processes, checklists, payroll factoring, and more.  Make all the documentation available for review in a room where the inspector can view them free of disturbances.
  5. All Employees Should Understand Applicable Regulations at the Facility – From management to maintenance, all employees have to have knowledge about with regulations are applicable to the work they are responsible for.
  6. Decide If You Want to Bring Legal Counsel to the Inspection – This should be decide well before an inspection to keep things running smoothly.
  7. Have a Backup and an Inspection Team Ready – If the event the environmental manager can’t make the inspection, their should be a backup who is well versed in all compliance areas, knowledgeable about documentation and record keeping, and able to discuss past and present compliance activities with authority and confidence.  Other heads of operational areas should be well versed in regulations to support the environmental manager or backup when needed.


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